Yoga for Respiratory disorders / Asthma – One to One Session

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Asthma is a life-threatening disease, but it never kills a person in one blow and no one dies of one Asthma attack. Asthma kills a person by wearing him out. The asthma attack drains away the patient’s energy leading toward death. This is a disease that harasses the patient openly, that creates intimacy with the patient, and that attacks him frequently, but does not kill the patient. So terrible can this disease be that the harassed patient often would prefer death as it becomes more and more difficult for the asthmatic patient to inhale or exhale during an attack, and death seems the only respite from the trouble.

Yoga for Respiratory disorders / Asthma – One to One Session

Duration: 60 Minutes per day

Recommendation: Subscribe for 96 days for the best results

Prices: £256 per month (3 sessions per week)

Price: £768 3 month (3 sessions per week)

Price: £1,536 6 month (3 sessions per week)

Location: Online

Language: English

Diet chart will be issued after a month of therapeutic session (only for 3 months subscribers).

The Takeaway:

All yoga poses you practice at the classes may help to improve your lung function. Do what feels best on a daily basis. Try to do at least a little bit of yoga each day.
All yoga poses you practice at the classes may lead you to discover new variations and postures that bring you the most benefit. Always listen to your body.
Exclusive food diet chart according to your body fit.
Free Monthly counselling and enhanced classes according to the feedback.
Exclusive membership discounts on weekly events from Mind and Soul.

Things You Need for Yoga:

Your Own Yoga Mat
2 cushions – OPTIONAL
2 blocks (or thick books) – OPTIONAL
Strap (or belt or towel) – OPTIONAL
Chair at home for a practice

The props above are not a mandatory requirement but can help to create a more comfortable and safe practice (I will always explain when & how to use them).


Most people with Thyroid report feeling better through yoga therapy. It’s said that yoga may help by improving posture and opening the chest muscles, which encourages better breathing.

It could also teach you to control breathing and reduce stress, a common trigger of asthma symptoms.

The process of breathing outside air into the lungs and breathing out impure air is a natural and vital process of life. It starts from the moment of birth and ends only after the last breath. The process of breathing is a distinguishing symptom of life. To test whether a person on his deathbed is alive, a thread is held near his nose. The thread moves if the patient is breathing. Breath is life and breathlessness is death. Generally no person can survive after four minutes of breathlessness.

Asthma is nothing but a disorder developed in the process of respiration. The asthmatic patient cannot breathe in and breathe out enough air. Hence the body does not receive the required amount of oxygen. This reduces the rate of activity of the patient and at times he may become unconscious. The hindrance in the process of respiration is the attack of asthma. The intensity and frequency of the attack depends upon the nature of the disease. Some patients suffer from the attack only in a cold or humid environment; i.e., in winter or rainy season, but do not suffer from asthma in hot and dry climate. There is no rule as such for those suffering from this disease. But the nature of the suffering is one and the same in all cases.

A daily practice of Mind and Soul structured Yoga postures and breathing techniques for 60 minutes will considerably reduce your chances of an asthma attack and may even help you get rid of it. A few minutes spent meditating will also enhance your experience and help calm your mind.

Your control over asthma will let you choose how much you enjoy your life. With a strong shield like yoga, you can experience life in its totality and be carefree. Yoga enables you to expand your capabilities and live life to its fullest.

Practicing Yoga helps develop the body and mind, yet is not a substitute for medicine. It is essential to learn and practice yoga under the supervision of a trained Yoga Therapist. In case of any medical condition, practice yoga only after consulting your doctor and a Mind and Soul Yoga Therapist.

Mind & Soul Therapists work on IAYT (Integrated Approach of Yoga Therapy) models which help to get the best results.

Pancha koshas:

Annamaya Kosha -The Food sheath / Physical Body
Pranamaya kosha – The Breath sheath / Energy Body
Manomaya Kosha – The Mind sheath / Mental Body
Vijnanamaya Kosha – The Intellect sheath / Wisdom Body
Anandamaya Kosha – The bliss sheath / Bliss Body

Why Yoga Therapy?

  1. Yoga helps you to be fit all the time.
  2. Yoga helps to enhance the issues slowly and steadily.
  3. There are no side effects.
  4. It requires only few minutes and a yoga mat with a suitable place to practice.
  5. Easy and doable for everyone.

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