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Online Corporate Sessions and Workshops

In the midst of Covid-19, many of us are working from home, which may create work-related stress or health issues, especially due to sitting in a bad or incorrect posture for a long time. Mind & Soul has come up with an online workshop amid this lockdown that can be attended right from your home or office. This is a five-day workshop that is designed to help improve your immunity and overcome health issues.

These live sessions are led by Senior Trainers at Mind & Soul, so don’t miss out on this great opportunity to stay fit and healthy.  Let’s regenerate our bodies like the Earth in this lockdown by practising yoga in just a click.

Workshop for Immunity Boost

This five-day workshop is designed to improve immunity to help protect against Covid-19. Our online yoga classes are a comprehensive practise that integrates physical, mental and spiritual elements for your fitness, health and well-being.

Workshop for Back Pain Care

The five-day workshop is specifically designed to provide a sequence of asana which helps to strengthen your back. Sitting in the wrong posture leads to severe backache. Through this workshop, you learn basic poses, which you can practice regularly at home or office to make your body strong and healthy. This workshop will be led by the Mind & Soul senior yoga therapist.

The focus of the Corporate Yoga workshop is to optimize the benefits of Yoga amongst the employees. It is aimed at improving the productivity of employees. Mind & Soul targets to create a positive impact on the company culture. We aim to give awareness about the quality of life through Yoga for employees.

Are You Ready to Wake Up for Work?

Workplace Yoga is a necessity for today’s day and age. With a challenging work life, we often find less time to devote to our health. Mind & Soul conducts Workplace Yoga programs to bring awareness about a healthy lifestyle as a part of your work life.

From meditation breaks in your conference room to have a Power Yoga session in your office to customized Desktop Yoga, Mind & Soul has tailored Yoga programs to take care of your health whilst at work.

Desktop Yoga – You don’t need a Yoga mat or Yoga gear, Mind & Soul reaches out to the workplace and provides the benefits of Yoga without stressing about the other stuff. A 45-minute session provides a good stretch and relaxation amidst the work routine. These Yoga sessions are perfect for conference rooms and desktops.

Mat Yoga – Mind & Soul organizes workshops in corporate environments where it helps the company to organize classes within the office premises or from home. These Yoga classes focus on building the agility, strength and mental endurance of the employees. Mat Yoga sessions are designed for employees in various forms of Hatha Yoga to the Vinyasa Flow depending upon the preference and experience level of the employees.

Yoga Workshops – Wake up to the next level of Yoga with Mind & Soul. We arrange corporate Yoga events which form an integral part of the Yoga awareness at work. Mind & Soul provides yoga and mindfulness sessions for corporate employees. For organizations and companies, it is the best way to show that you care for and appreciate your employees.

The focus of the Corporate Yoga workshop is to optimize the benefits of Yoga among the employees. It aims at improving the productivity of the employees. Mind & Soul creates a positive impact on company culture and awareness of the quality of life through Yoga for employees.

Benefits of Corporate Yoga:

  • Reduces stress and tension.
  • Enhances concentration and focus.
  • Improves postures.
  • Helps to rejuvenate and refresh.
  • Enhances productivity.
  • Lowers employee absent rate.
  • More fun at work.

Mind & Soul and Associated Colleges and Universities:

  1. New Horizon College of Engineering, Bengaluru, India
  2. Sri Sairam College of Engineering, Bengaluru, India

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