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About us

The initiators of Mind & Soul are the experts who have mastered the art of Yoga, Mind-Body Problems, and the History of Dualism. After winning the knowledge in the domain of psychological resilience and mental wellbeing, they came with this powerful concept of “Mind & Soul”, a persuasive platform that serves international standards by focalizing on training, products and services that demonstrates great care for mind-body-spirit health.

The life we lead today is full of challenges and the ability to adapt to the challenges of life and maintain mental health along with exposure to adversity has become easier said than done. Today inner motivation to self-grooming, health rejuvenation, healthy behaviour, plenty of tranquillity, flexibility, and meditative lifestyle, only stayed as fancy words of no action. Hence the great minds behind this uniquely solo concept “Mind & Soul” started working diligently on this social cause, keeping it as their ultimate forever goal to help the society focus more on the say “HEALTH = WEALTH” and enjoy the luxury of purity, calmness, and meditative lifestyle.

The weekly virtual sessions on yoga for wellbeing, well-trained dieticians who care about your nutrition, mind-blowing collection of apparels, exclusively-designed products for self-grooming and many more creative add on are the ultimate desiring perks you get once you opt to walk the path of “Mind & Soul .“ A platform that’s created for you, talks for you and runs only for you, get a roller coaster ride full of happiness and joy with “Mind & Soul.”

Our Vision is to build an empire of healthy happy souls, who start focusing and embracing the predominant concept of “mind-body-spirit health,” by exploring our creatively and innovatively designed products and services.

We are on a mission to take “Mind & Soul” on a journey capable enough to meet highly competitive International standards in quality, variety, individuality, reliability, and affordability by making it the solo platform that speaks for serenity and purity of mind-body-spirit in all languages.

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