Anger Management through Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation


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Anger isn’t acceptable. You have more than once reminded yourself about this. However, when the feeling emerges, you can’t handle it. As kids, you were educated to not blow up however you were not trained how to control or diminish anger. Before we get into the tips on the most proficient methods to diminish anger, we should start with what causes anger?

  1. Regularly when we see imperfections around us, we can’t acknowledge them. For example, when somebody has accomplished something incorrectly, our indignation rises like a wave and afterwards dies down, leaving us shaken, and with regret.
  2. At the point when we are irate, we don’t know. The initial step is to understand that anger can’t eliminate imperfections. We need to comprehend that when we can acknowledge the circumstance for what it’s worth, we can address it with mindfulness.
  3. This is more difficult than one might expect because it is never simple to manage the psyche or feelings straightforwardly. That is the reason we need certain methods to help us. Meditation for anger, breathing techniques to calm downplay a significant role.

Anger is a characteristic feeling and you more likely to experience it one time or the other. Getting angry is ordinary but yet an issue when your anger begins influencing your work and individual relationships. It can influence your mindset and wellbeing antagonistically. It’s anything but fitting to smother your indignation yet you need to control it and quiet your psyche. Yoga can assist you with dealing with your anger. There are a few yoga asanas to channel your annoyance towards something valuable. Thus, next time you get angry, spread your yoga mat as opposed to yelling at somebody or breaking things.


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