The art of therapeutic yoga here at “Mind & Soul” has been crafted so proficiently by keeping the today troubled health in mind and build focus to help them enjoy the happiness of good slumber with dreamy nights, tucked in tight, without any wandering thoughts. With the ever-growing amount of scientific studies conducted in the field of yoga research, it’s no surprise that we’re starting to get answers to the question: How, exactly, does therapeutic yoga work to enhance better sleep quality? There are numerous experimentation and fact finding that proves how therapeutic yoga has benefitted for better sleep quality in Yoga practitioners. One possible reason explained for better sleep quality here at “Mind & Soul”, is that you don’t have to learn the whole sun salutation sequence or engage in complicated contortions to practice yoga for sleep. You don’t even need to be particularly athletic or flexible, because yoga exercises at “Mind & Soul” involves fun stretching and relaxing of muscles that cause significant physical and mental exertion which result in less sleep latency, more deep sleep, less sleep disturbances, and better sleep efficiency. Putting all together “Mind & Soul” is a platform which is one of its kind and has got its roots of yoga flourished magnificently, with their futuristic vision to introduce modernized therapeutic yoga for holistic health.

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